Best Online Education System 2020


There are a few ERPs available in the market catering to the education industry - although saying which is best depends purely on your needs and who could cater to that. Ideally we should look at the following while selecting an ERP or a CRM for our organization:

  1. Coverage & Depth: Is the system able to manage your operations end-to-end? How many relevant modules are available and do they have the depth to take care of your challenges?For instance, with current COVID ’19 situation, is your system able to manage online classes, tests, study material, etc. to make sure students are able to study without getting in direct touch with faculty.
  2. Stability: The system should be stable and secure since at the end of the data it’s sensitive student data that you deal with!
  3. Flexibility & Scalability: It should be flexible enough that caters to your requirements since there is no one fit solution to all - scalability is another consideration since change management is not easy, in case you realize it does not meet your long term vision/ goals.
  4. Value for money: Every penny counts when you run business - therefore, the system should be evaluated and checked for the return on investment (ROI) that you derive out of that.
  5. Integration: Allows integration of multiple platforms and tech stacks to give a seamless experience and stop leakages - such as full integration of your website, mobile app, ERP, digital marketing and lead sources/ aggregators.
  6. Enabler: An ERP should not just aid as automation but also act as an enabler to generate direct and in-direct revenues and growth. It could be in the shape of managing new branches, opening new revenue avenues such as test series or taking you globally through live lectures or retain customers through capturing satisfaction/ NPS surveys. There are many other ways, contact us to know more.
  7. Proven Credentials: Technology or system robustness does not fully depend on this but is good for your confidence if the potential partner has proven credentials in way of clients, awards etc. to showcase.

There are many additional points such as ease of use, sustainability, reach etc. that could be considered.

EduSome (EduSome-JSGOSR ::) is one such awarded (cited among top 10 education tech start-ups 2019) ERP and CRM cross over which has proven its mettle in the past few years and have been adopted by small institutes of 50 people to the one catering to 20,000 students in an year - with one branch to 130 branches globally.

Write to us at or call at +91 88009 05219/ 99990 65959 to know more about the product & free demo.

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